B.A. (Hons), M.A (Econ). Ph.D., Hon. D.Sc Europe).

distinguished Indian Economist

Book Reviews

1. "CHANGING PHASES OF INDIAN ECONOMY" by Prof V L D' Souza, (review published in 'Indian Economic Journal', Vol XIV, No 3, October- December 1966) 
2. "ECONOMIC INTEGRATION" - Review of Book entitled Integration of International Economic Relations' by Prof P.N.Ganguli, 1968 (published in
'Southern Economist', dated March 1, 1969)
3. "TRANSPORT AND ECONOMIC GROWTH" - Review of Study of N.C.A.E.R., on
'Regional Transport Survey of Madras and Pondicherry', (published in 'Southern
Economist', May 1969).
4. "JOB EVALUATION METHODS" - Review of book entitled 'Personnel Manager's Guide to Job Evaluation', by George F Thompson, Institute of Personnel Management, London (published in 'Southern Economist' dated June 1, 1969)
5. "CO-OPERATION AS A SYSTEM" - Review of publication on 'Co-operation - An
inter-disciplinary approach' of Vaikunth Mehta, National Institute of Co- perative
Management, Poona (published in 'Southern Economist' dated September 1,  1969)

6. "AGRICULTURE IN ASIAN ECONOMIES" - A review article on 'Asian Agricultural Survey' published by AD.P., 1969, the review article was published in 'Southern Economist' dated November 15, 1969.
7. "AGRICULTURAL FINANCE" –Review of book 'Financing of Agriculture by Commercial Banks" - Report of a Seminar held by Reserve Bank of India, published in 'Southern Economist' dated October 1, 1969
8. "REGIONALISM AND INDUSTRIAL GROWTH " - Review of book entitled
'Regional Perspective of Industrial and Urban Growth' the case of Kanpur 1969, Ed. by P.B. Desai and others - published in 'Southern Economist', dated January 1, 1970
9. "SPECIAL NUMBERS" - Review of'Indian Economic Journal' (Special Issue on
Monetary Economy) Review published in 'Southern Economist', dated February 15,1970.
10. "Economics of Agriculture" - Review of book entitled 'The Economics of Agricultural Development' by John Mellor, etc., ('Southern Economist', dated April 1, 1970).
11. "CAPITAL INTENSITY IN INDUSTRY" - Review article on book "Size and
Capital Intensity in Indian Industry" by Dr Sandesara ('Southern Economist', dated May 1, 1970).
12. "FINANCING OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT" - Review of book entitled 
"Financing Economic Development - Fiscal Policy for Emerging Countries" by Robert B. Ranges (published in 'Southern Economist", dated June 1, 1970).
13. "GANDHIAN ALTERNATIVE" - Review of the book "The Gandhian Alternative  to Western Socialism" by Prof.V.K.R V Rao (published in 'Southern Economist' dated June 15, 1970).
14. "APPROACH TO INDIAN ECONOMY" - Review of book entitled 'Theoretical 
Approach to Indian Economy' by Prof C.T. Kurian (published in 'Southern Economist' dated August 1, 1970).
15. "REGIONAL APPROACH" - Review of book entitled "Southern States through Plans' by B.K.Narayana (review published in 'Southern Economist' dated November 1970). 
16. "GREAT IDEAS IN ECONOMICS" - Review of book of Alan Pearce published by  Robert Kzwell, I960 Review published in Southern Economist" dated November I, 1970 
17. "A CRETICAL SURVEY OF FARM TAXES" Review of book entitled Taxation of
Agriculture in India", by IMC. Economic Research and Training Foundation, 1970 - Review published in 'Southern Economist' dated November 15, 1970
18. "A PRAGMATIC LOOK AT INDIAN PLANNING" - Review of book of Indian Planning by Sri. H Venkatasubbaiah (published in 'Southern Economist", dated November 26, 1971). 
19. "PUBLIC SECTOR PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT"" - Review of book entitled
'Management by Sri. H. Ventakasubbaiah (published in 'Southern Economist" dated September 15, 1971)
20. "PROJECT APPRAISAL" - Review of book Economic Development: Projects and their Appraisal. Cases and Principles from the experience of the World Bank" by John A. King (published in 'Southern Economist', dated September 15, 1971). 
21. "THE MANAGEMENT GAP" - Review of book Management Gap in a Developing
Economy' by M.S. Gosavi (published in 'Southern Economist' dated October 1, 1971)
22. "INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS" - Review of book entitled 'Developing Economics and International Framework' by S. Venu, (published in
'Southern Economist', dated 1st November 1971).
23. "INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT" - Review of book entitled 'Industrial
Development' by M.R. Kulkarni (published in 'Southern Economist' dated
November 1, 1971).
24 "ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF MYSORE" - Review of book 'Economic  Development "and Social Change in Mysore' (proceedings of a Seminar at Dharwad_ (published in 'Southern Economist' dated December 1, 1971).
25 "MANUAL FOR P.W.D STATISTICS" - Review of book 'Statistical Handbook for P.W. D - A publication of P.W.D of Government of Karnataka (published in 'Southern Economist" dated December 1, 1971).
26. "REGIONAL BACKWARDNESS" - Review of book "Economic Development of the Underdeveloped Region in Italy"" by T.K. Meti (published in "Southern Economist' dated December 15, 1971)
27. "ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN ASIA" - Review article on books entitled 'Economic Development in South Asia' edited by E.A.G Robinson and Michael Kidron and 'Asian Development Problems and Prognosis by John Badgley (published in 'Southern Economist" dated January 1, 1972)
28. "RURAU PROBLEMS OF MYSORE" Review of Study on Some Rural Problems of
Mysore - A study of opinion' by D Kuppuswamy (published in 'Southern Economist" dated April 1, 1972).

29. "POVERTY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT" - review of book Economic Theory and under-developed countries by H Myint (published in 'Southern Economist' dated April  15, 1972).
30. "COST-BENEFIT STUDIES " - review of two studies -

(1) Pre-investment cost-benefit study on the work of the construction of road from Belgaum to Panjim, 1970, and 

(2) Pre-investment study of construction of bridge across Kabini river near
Nanjangud, conducted in the statistical cell of the Mysore of the Mysore PWD
(published in 'Southern Economist' dated June 15, 1972)

31. "PUBLIC EXPENDITURE" review of book Economics of Public Expenditure' by T. Mathew - (published in Southern Economist' dated July 15, 1972)
32. "AGRICULTURAL PLANNING" - review of book entitled 'Agricultural Planning and Co-operatives' by R.N Tewari, 1972 (published in Southern Economist' dated July 15, 1972)
33. "INDIA'S INDUSTRIAL POLICY" - review of book entitled 'Industrial Economy of India' by S.C. Kuohal, 1972 (published in 'Southern Economist' dated October 1, 1972.
34 "ECONOMICS OF POVERTY" - review article of book ‘Challenge of Poverty in
India' by A.J. Fonseca (published in 'Southern Economist’ dated January 1, 1973).
entitled 'Economic Development - Ends and Means'" by L.K Jha, Vora & Co., (review published in 'Southern Economist' dated April 1, 1973).
36 "INDIAN ECONOMICS" - Yer book. Raj Narain Gupta, Kitab Mahal, 1972-73,
Allahabad, 1973 (review published in 'Southern Economist', dated April 1, 1973)
37 "URBAN DEVELOPMENT" - review of book on ‘Problems of Urbanisation in India' edited by H.J. Fischer, Leslie Sawhay, Programme of Training for Democracy,  Friedrich-Naumann-Stifttung, November 1972 - (published in 'Southern Economist"  dated October 15, 1973).
38. "FEDERAL FINANCE IN INDIA" - review of book on 'Centre State Relations in
India' edited by AG. Noorani (March 1972) (published in 'SouthernEconomist'
dated September 15, 1973). 39 "GREEN REVOLUTION: PUNJAB'S EXAMPLE" -
review of book 'Green Revolution' by M.S. Randhwa, (1974) (review published in 'Southern Economist" dated September 15, 1975).
40. "MANY FACES OF INFLATION" - Review of book Inflation of India' edited by S.L. N. Simha, (August 1974) (review published in 'Southern Economist' dated September  15, 1975).
41. "A TRAVELOGUE" - Review of book 'Nava Rashyada Nota' by H.V. Nagaraja Rao, Chief Editor, Prajamata, (review published in 'Southern Economist' dated January 15,  1975).
42 "DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY" - Review of study 'Growth  Potentialities of Sultanpur - A study in District Planning by Dr.Kripashankar (review published in 'Southern Economist' dated February 1, 1975.
43. "SKILLS IN BANGALORE AREA - A SURVEY" - Review of study Area Skill
Survey, Bangalore' done by DGET, New Delhi (review published in 'Southern
Economist' dated June 15, 1975).
44. "PUBLIC SECTOR ECONOMICS" - Review of book entitled 'Towards
Commanding Heights' - A. Kumaramangalam 'Commemorative Volume' Edited by
R C Dutt and Raj.K.Nigam, 1975 (published in Southern Economist' dated December 1, 1975).
45. "FACTS OF INDIAN ECONOMY" - Review of book entitled The Indian Economy - - Performance and Prospects' edited by J C Sandesara, University of Bombay, 1974 (published in 'Souther Economist' dated March 15, 1976)
46 "KARNATAKA SIX DECADES AGO" - Review of book entitled Economic
Conditions of Karnataka' (AD 973 to A D 1336) by G R Kuppuswamy, 1975
(published in 'Southern Economist' dated March 15, 1976)
47 "ECONOMY IN SOCIALISM" - Review of book entitled 'Growth of Indian Economy in Socialism' edited by Ashok V Bhuleshkar, 1975) published in 'Deccan Herald'dated July 25, 1976)
48 "DEVELOPMENT BANKING INDIA" - Review of book entitled 'Development Banking in Indian with reference to a State Level Institution - Karnataka by S.L.N. Simha, (published in 'Southern Economist' dated September 15, 1976).
49 "THE REMEMBERED VILLAGE" - Review of book entitled The Remembered
Village' by M.N.Srinivas (published in 'Southern Economist' Karnataka Number,
November 1976).
50. "VILLAGE AT CROSS ROADS" - Review of book entitled 'India's villages at cross roads' by H.D. Lakshninarayana (published in 'Southern Economist' Karnataka Number, November 1976).
51 "DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE" Review of book entitled Agricultural
Development - A case study by Vasant Desai (published in 'Southern Economist' Karnataka Number November 1976).
52 "GUIDELINES FOR APPRAISAL OF PROJECTS" - Review of book entitled '
Guidelines for financing of small scale industries - A Hand book for Bankers' by T.N. Krishna Iyer (published in 'Southern Economist' dated December 15, 1976).
53 "ROLE OF DEVELOPMENT BANKING" - Review of book entitled 'Financial 
Institutions of India', edited by Vadilal Dagl (published in 'Southern Economist' dated February 1, 1977).
54. "Working Capital Management" - Review of book entitled 'Working Capital
Management' by V.E. Ramamoorthy (published in 'Southern Economist' dated February 1977)
55 L'ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS" - review of book entitled 'Financial
Structure and economic Development' by E.S. Srinivasan (published in 'Southern
Economist' dated April 1, 1977).
56 "REMOVAL OF POVERTY IN VILLAGES" - review of book entitled Eradication of Rural Poverty' published by Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya' Coimbatore (published in 'Southern Economist' dated October 15, 1977)
57 "RURAL EMPLOYMENT" A CASE STUDY" - review of book entitled 'Employment and Wage Among Rural Labourers' by B D Kale and J.B Hasalkar (published in 'Southern  Economist" dated November 12, 1977)
58 "CREDIT PLANNING FOR DEVELOPMENT" - Review of book entitled 'Credit Planning Objectives and Techniques edited by S.L.N. Simha and A. Raman (published in 'Southern  Economist' dated January 1, 1978)
'Employment Potential of Manufacturing Industries - A Case study of Uttar Pradesh' by K Prasad and T V. S Ramamohan Rao (published in 'Southern Economist" dated January 15,  1978)
60 "PERSPECTIVE PLANNING FOR KARNATAKA" Review of book entitled 'Planning in Perspective - Policy Choices in Planning for Karnataka (1973 74 to 1988-89), Edited by Dr V.K.R.V. Rao, (published in 'Southern Economist1, July 15, 1978).
61. "FRESH LOOK AT PLANNING" Review of book entitled ‘Economic Planning'
Principles and Practice' by Mamatha Patankar, review published in 'Southern
Economist', September 1, 1978
62. "BIBLIOGRAPHY ON KARNATAKA" - Review of book entitled 'Karnataka: A select Bibliography' edited by Satyaprakash, review published in 'Southern Economist', September 1, 1978.
Economic Development Structure' by Vinod Mehta, published in "Southern Economist' August 15, 1978.
64. "STRUGGLE OF 66 MILLIONS'" - Review of book 'Management of Drought Prone Areas Programme (Analysis and Case Studies from Jhabna District) by Umakant Srivastava,  review published in 'Deccan Herald', dated June 24, 1979.
'Evaluation of Management in Project Appraisal',edited by Mauor C. Shetty, review published in "Southern Economist', September 15, 1979’
'Finance of Bangalore Municipal Corporation' by S Rama Rao, review published in 'Southern Economist' September 15, 1979
'Development and Planning - Theory and Practice' by S.K. Mishra and V.K. Puri, published in 'Southern Economist', November 15, 1988.
68. "DEVELOPMENT THEORY'- Review of book 'Some Aspects of Development Theory', by Sri. A.P. Srinivasa Murthy, review published in 'Southern Economist', December 1, 1988.
of ‘Rural to Urban Migration and Labour Market' by Banerjee, published in 'Southern Economist', November 15, 1988.