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distinguished Indian Economist

Evaluation and Manpower Studies and Appraisals:

1. Report on the Roads Programme in Mysore State (1968 published)
Received well by the Press - 'The Hindu' wrote an editorial on June 23, 1968 and published a summary on June 13, 1968. 'Indian Express' and 'Deccan Herald' published reviews on December 5, 1967 and September 15, 1968 respectively many other papers also published editorials and reviews
2. Minor Irrigation Tank Work at Kamarahalli in Gundlupet Taluk, Mysore
District - A Case Study: (Published in 1968) - reviewed well by the Press
3. Report on Industrial Estates (1968 published in 1970). This evaluation report
became the basis for policy changes in the programme of industrial estates. The entire programme has now been reviewed in the light of the recommendations contained in it. Even before its publication, press reviewed it well, the most important of the reviews being those which appeared in 'Economic Times' dated December 25, 1970 and 'Indian Express' and 'Kannada Prabha' dated December 18, 1969.
4. Bangalore Regional Employment Exchange - A Case Study (1970 published) - Reviewed in 'Yojana' dated May 17, 1970
5. Demographic and Employment Exchange Trends in Mysore - (1969 published) Reviewed in 'Indian Express' and 'KannadaPrabha' dated December 24, 1969 and 'Economic Times' dated December 10, 1969
6. Evaluation of Feeds and Fodder Development Programme in
Mysore State (1970 published) - reviewed in 'Hindu' dated October 10, 1975.
7. Fact Book on Employment Exchanges in Mysore (1968 published)
8. Report on Work-Load of District Publicity Officers in Mysore State
9. Evaluation Report on Utilisation of Irrigation Facilities in Chincholli Taluk in Gulbarga District (Published 1971) - reviewed in 'Indian Express' and 'Kannada Prabha' dated November 5, 1971
10. Report on Structure of Finances and Development of Non-Tax Revenues in Mysore State (1974 published)
11. Evaluation Report on Drought Prone Areas Programme in Challakere,
Madugiri and Athani Blocks (Completed in May 1972 and published in 1974)
12. Evaluation Report on the Scheme of the Agricultural Refinance corporation for Reclamation and Development of Land under the Tungabhadra Project  in the Left bank Canara Ayacut (published 1972)
13. Evaluation of Artisan Training Institutes in Karnataka (published in March
1974). A Summary review has appeared in 'Hindu' dated May 24. 1974. Reviewed
in 'Hindu' December 19, 1975 under the title 'Artisan Training Units fail to draw
students'. Reviewed in the Mysore Review", October 1976.
14. Performance of the Marginal Farmers and Agricultural labourers Agency,
South Kanara - An Appraisal (May 1974). A summary review has appeared in
'Hindu' dated June 28, 1974 – published.
15. Drought Prone Areas Programme in Kolar District - An Appraisal
(Published May 1973)
16. Rural Development with Social Justice in Karnataka (published May 1975)
17.An Evaluation of Fisheries Development in Karnataka:
18. Working of the Employment Exchanges in Karnataka - 1976:
Reviewed in 'Prayatna' dated May 6, 1976, 'News Views' dated July 8, 1976, 'Sadhvi' dated May
17, 1976 and 'Nava Sandesha' dated May 12, 1976 Besides 'Indian Express' has summarised in its 'Midweek Melange' on May 5, 1976 and a full length review has also appeared in 'Hindu' under the title 'Employment Exchanges need streamlining' on May 14, 1976 and in Karnataka Special
Issue of'Southern Economist; November 1976
19. Study on the Effectiveness of the Functions of Gramasevaks in Karnataka - in 1976 Reviewed in 'Hindu' prior to its publication itself in its issue dated October 23, 1974 After publication, reviewed in 'News Vikas’ dated July 8, 1976, 'Sadhvi' dated May 17, 1976 and 'Nava Sandesha' dated May 12, 1976. Reviewed in 'Southern Economist' Karnataka Number, November 1976 and the 'Mysore Economic Review' December 1976. 
20. Evaluation of the Impact of SFDA in Bangalore District:
This study was sponsored by the SFDA, Bangalore to assess the impact of the
programme. This has been completed in October 1978. 21. Evaluation of Plan Programmes in Karnataka - Published in 1976 

22. Towards Drought Proofing in Karantaka - published in 1975:23.Drought Prone Areas Programme in Karnataka (in Kannada) - published in 1975
24.Employment Exchanges in India (in Kannada) - published in 1976