B.A. (Hons), M.A (Econ). Ph.D., Hon. D.Sc Europe).

distinguished Indian Economist

Projects formulated with Economic Analysis for External Assistance

He has formulated over thirty projects for World Bank Assistance and other lending institutions,
which have been proved technically feasible by appraisal But, some of the more important ones
are indicated below:
A. World Bank Projects:
1. Economic Development of Bijapur District under Drought Prone Areas
Programme with World Bank Assistance - published in 1973:

This project was appraised by the World Bank Appraisal Mission and has been accepted by the Bank While appreciating this project, the Appraisal Mission has held that this was the only project which was fit for appraisal by them out of six projects received by the Bank from India.
The project has been very well reviewed in all newspapers and other periodicals like 'Hindu’ dated March 22, 1974, 'Janavani' dated March 3. 1974, 'Deccan Herald’ March 24, 1974, 'Prajavani' March 24. 1974, and Indian Express' March 24, 1974, 'Sevak’ July 30, 11976 and 'Mysore Economic Review’, December 1976 This project has been implemented, including repeater projects.
2. Economic Development of Kolar District under DPAP with World Bank
Assistance (Cyclostyled - 1973):
This project has also been appreciated by the Reconnaissance Mission of the World Bank who visited the district in February 1973.
3. Dairy and Dairy Cattle Development Project - Karnataka 1973 (Published in 1975):

This Project has also been appreciated by the World Bank Appraisal Mission which visited Karnataka in October 1973 The project has been implemented. It is now spread to entire Karnataka State.
This project has been reviewed well in all newspapers like, ‘Hindu’, June 15, 1974, 'Deccan Herald' June 15, 1974, and June 16. 1974. 'Economic Times' May 24, 1975, etc The IDA, while appreciating the project, has held that no other project which was financed by the IDA covered such a large number of farmers as the Karanataka project (covers 4-5 Lakhs farmers) Again reviewed well in ‘Hindu' dated October 12, 1974 There was an editorial in 'Deccan Herald' December 25. 1975 under the title 'Ambitious Project’.

4. A Project for the Development of Regulated Markets in Karnataka - Published 1973
Accepted by IDA and is being implemented - reviewed well in all newspapers particularly in 'Deccan Herald’ December 14. 1974
5. Project for the Development of Off Shore and Deep Sea Fishing of the West Coast with World Bank Assistance:
This project is also reviewed well in all newspapers particularly in 'Deccan Herald' dated December 6, 1974.
6. Integrated Development of Horticulture in Karnataka with World Bank
Assistance - published.
Reviewed in 'Hindu' dated February 13, 1976 under the title "Karnataka Seeks World Bank Aid for Horticulture Development" Similarly, summaries of the project have been published in 'Deccan Herald', 'Indian Express’, 'Prajavani', 'Kannada Prabha' and 'Economic Times' on July 11. 1975 Again the Project stories have been covered in all papers on January 21, 1976 and in
‘Hindu’ on April 2. 1976. The project was appraised and accepted by the World Bank. (Karnataka Praised: The Head of the India Desk at the World Bank. Mr Kraske, felt during his visit to Karnataka that Karnataka was at the top among several Indian States in point of economic development efforts. He has quoted in this context the projects mentioned above, in particular, DPAP, Dairy and the
Regulated Markets Project - Source: ‘Hindu’ dated February 2, 1975).
The details of the project have been published in ‘Kannada Prabha' dated June 22, 1978, ‘Deccan Herald' dated June 3, 1978. The Hindu has published the project details under the caption, 'World Bank Team' suggests changes in Horticulture Plan' dated June 3, 1978. 
7. Project for Desilting of Tanks for Promotion of Fisheries with the Assistance of UN/WFP (May 1977):
Reviewed very well in 'Hindu' dated June 10. 1977, and has been approved in principle by the WFP Head Office, Rome for implementation
8. Project for the Development of Sheep Breeders and Wool Weavers in
Karnataka: Project has been sent to the Government of India for seeking financial assistance from the World  Bank. The 'Hindu' has featured under the title "Plans to improve Sheep Breed in State" dated September 8, 1978
9. Project for Agricultural Extension and Research (T&V System):
This Project has been implemented with the financial assistance of the World Bank The project was featured in the 'Hindu' dated September 13, 1978 and 'Deccan Herald' has published an editorial dated September 14, 1978 The T&V System was introduced for the first time in India and now the World Bank which experimented here have extended the projects to almost all the countries in the World.
10. Project for Development of Cashew in Karnataka:
The project was appraised by the World Bank Appraisal Mission and was implemented This has featured in 'The Hindu', 'Deccan Herald’, The Indian Express', 'Prajavani' of October 13, 1976 and 'Kannada Prabha’ dated October 16, 1978 and several other papers.
11. Projects for Exploitation of Ground Water Resources with U.K.Assistance: The project has been sent to the Government of India for seeking British assistance. The 'Hindu' has featured under the title: 'Project for Ground Water Exploitation' dated August 25, 1978 
12. Project for Sericulture Development in Karnataka The project is being implemented with the financial assistance of the World Bank 'Deccan Herald' dated October 5, 1978, 'The Indian Express' dated September 16, 1978 and 'Kannada Prabha' dated September 18, 1978 have published under the news item Karnataka is specially known for sericulture. With the implementation of this project, the neighboring also sought assistance taking our model and implemented them. Karnataka is now the major producer of traditional as well as modern silk. The silk production has been enormously increased and there
has been two-repeater project after I wrote the first project.
13. Project for establishment of Milk Powder Plant in Hubli, Dharwar Area:
A Project has been formulated and sent to Government of India for seeking financial assistance for establishment of a milk powder plant.
14. Composite Project for Rural Development with UNDP Assistance:
This project has been sent to the Government of India for seeking financial assistance This has been featured in the 'Hindu' dated July 4, 1980.
15. Swiss Aided Integrated Rural Development Programme - Gadag, Shirahatti, Koppal and Yelburga Taluks:
This has been formulated for seeking financial assistance from the Swiss Development cooperation The summary has been published in the 'Financial Express' dated January 1, 1981

16. Danida Assistance Project for Drinking Water in Karnataka Janatha Housing Colonies:
This has been formulated for seeking financial assistance from the Danish Government 'The Hindu' in its issue of June 20, 1980 has given the summary under the caption 'Drinking Water for Janatha Housing Colonies'.
17. Project for Social Forestry with World Bank Assistance
This project has been formulated for seeking financial assistance from the World Bank Hindu has published the gist in its issue of November 15, 1980.
In addition to these, project for Integrated Rural Development of Tumkur District was formulated and sent to the Government of India. This has approved for Central Assistance and is being implemented. The Hindu dated October 9, 1977 has given an account of the project.
18. Perspective Plan Project for Western Ghats Development in Karnataka:
This Project has been well appreciated and even debated in the Parliament Western Ghats, which is mountainous, is compared by Lewis Rice to Wales of England in nature and beauty. What is needed to that area has been assessed through several surveys to maintain the mountainous character without destruction of nature and standard of living op people who are mainly tribes
barring city population.
19. An Outline Project Report on the Investment for Infrastructure in the
Tungabhadra Project Ayacut (published):
First published in July 1968 and printed in July 1969 This has also been published in "Tungabhadra Aspirations Project (This study which has become the basis for many programmes in the Tungabhadra Project area has been received well by the Press) FAO/UN has santioned Rs. 13.06 crores in the form of Food Aid for Road and Land Development on a scheme formulated and sent to World Food Programme Government on a scheme sanctioned Rs.1.00 crore for creating the necessary market complex in the areas. The programmes
contemplated in the project area are being implemented in project area. These are based on the above report. A large number of editorials and press reviews have appeared, the latest being the one published in 'Indian Express' and 'Kannada Prabha' dated February 17 and 23, 1970. The 'Economic Times' published a spotlight editorial on February 6, 1969 and an editorial was also
published by 'Deccan Herald", 'Prajavani', 'The Hindu', 'Indian Express' and 'Kannada Prabha', etc. on January 31, 1969.
20. In 1969, the following four schemes were formulated which were submitted by the Government to FAO/WFP for assistance:
a) "Road Formation and Land Development - A Project for Economic Development in Tungabhadra Project Ayacut":
This scheme has also been approved by World Food Programme and is being
implemented - Highlights of the Project have appeared in the Press.

b) "Project for Soil Conservation in four districts of Karnataka"
This scheme has also been approved by World Food Programme and the aid is in the form of food worth of Rs.3.00 crores Reviewed in 'Indian Express' dated December 20, 1969
Items (a) and (b) reviewed well in the Press from October 1969 to February 17, 1970- latest being in 'Indian Express' dated December 29, 1969 and February 17, 1970.

c) "Feeding Programme in Government Educational Institutions"
(Project sent to WFP) Reviewed in "Indian Express' and 'Kannada Prabha' dated July 31, 1970.
d) "Feeding Programme in Government Aided Educational Institutions"
(Project sent to WFP). The schemes at Sl. No. (c ) and (d) have also been approved by WFP and have been implemented.
These programmes have been reviewed in all papers more particularly in the "Indian Express" and "Kannada Prabha" dated August 20, 1970 and November 1970 In addition to the above projects, he has prepared many schemes towards alleviation of poverty from fourth to eighth plan, which are too many to enumerate.