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      Prof .Wassily Leontief received the Nobel Prize in economics in the 5" year (1973) after it was instituted in 1969.Since Leontief’s name is associated with input-output analysis, it's theory and applications are well brought out in
this book and the contributions are mainly from authors of China and Japan who are connected with the Input-Output association (IIOA) and other Institutions and Universities in Beijing, China.. The article by G. Abraham-
Frois and E.Lendjel.

      Professors in France have something new to say that the input-output analysis was founded much earlier than the contributions of Prof.Leontief.This is a matter to be debated. However, Prof Paul A. Sameulson, the second year Nobel Laureate (1970) in his foreword has said about Leontief that 'Leontief created
quite a contemporary stir called Leontief Paradox --Leontief was affably genial'.