B.A. (Hons), M.A (Econ). Ph.D., Hon. D.Sc Europe).

distinguished Indian Economist


Presentation of "Moulya Mathu Bandavala" Kannada version of "Value and Capital" by Prof. Sir John Hicks, Kannada version prepared by Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah – Presented to John Hicks on Feb 7th 1979 in the campus of Mysore University

Value and Capital in Kannada released on Feb 7th 1979
Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah introducing the Prof. J. R. Hicks
John Hicks is being garlanded
Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah is being garlanded
Hicks is being felicitated by Prof. V.L. D'Souza
Prof. John Hicks is speaking about the book
Prof. V.L. D’Souza presenting the Kannada version of "Value and Capital"
Audience - Profs. B.V. Krishnamurhty and P.R. Brahmanda noted economists are seen

Book: "Economic Development of Karnataka – A treatise in Continuity and Change" was released on Feb 8th 1980 by Sri Govind Narayan, His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka, Presided by Sri A. R. Badrinaryan, MP

Mr. Badrinarayan and Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah receiving His Excellency
His Excellency is being garlanded
Prof. V.K.R.V. Rao is being garlanded
Prof. K. Puttaswamaiah is being garlanded
Sri.M.A. Srinivasan who held high positions with the then Maharaja is being garlanded
Dr. B.V. Krishnamurthy senior UN official being garlanded
Prof. M.P.L. Sastry Founder of MES College is being garlanded
Getting ready for the release function
His Excellency with the author and the book in two volumes ready for release
The author, Publisher and Mr. Badrinarayan MP are discussing
The author and Publisher are discussing with Mr. Narasimha Rau Chief Secretary
The Governor is in a joyful mood with the author and Mr. Badrinarayan
Dr. Puttaswamaiah is assisting His Excellency to open the box containing the book
His Excellency showing the book after release to the audience
His Excellency is delivering his speech about the book after the release
Some portion of audience
Dr.V.K.R.V. Rao speaking on the economic aspects of the book
The author and his wife Smt. P. Rajalakshmi with the publisher Mr. Mohan Primlani
The author with his family

Release of the 1st issue of the Indian Journal of Applied Economics which was later renamed as International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics

Sri. L.T. Hegde MLA, Sagar, Shivmoga, welcoming the gathering
Dr. Puttaswamaiah, speaking about IJAEE Journal
Editor garlands Mr. Khurshed Alam Khan, His Excellency, the Governor
Editor garlands A. R. Badrinaryan, MP
Editor garlands Justice Nittur Srinivas Rao, former Chief Justice, Karnataka Highcourt
Governor releasing the Journal and showing to audience
A Portion of the dignitaries assembled

Release of the book: "Unemployment in India – Policy for Man Power", released by Sri. N. Narasimha Rau, IAS, the then Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka

Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah welcoming Sri. N. Narasimha Rau
Sri. N. Narasimha Rau, Chief Secretary to Govt is speaking
Release of the books Nobel Economists and Aspects of Planning

Mr. Chathurvedi, His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka releasing four books and the latest Journals published during 2005

The author shaking hands with the Governor before release
Governor releasing books - Sir John Hicks and Samuelson
Governor releasing books - Wassiley Leontief & Franco Modigliani
Release of some Latest Journals

The AD honorem Doctor degree was conferred upon Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah for his eximius contributions to economic science and his distinguished career as applied economist on 31st May 2001 by the International Institute of Advanced Economic and Social Studie

The Certificate awarding the degree is signed by the Rector
Certificate awarding the degree is being signed Rector and others of the concerned in Denmark
The certificate is being readout by Prof. Vittorangelo Orati, Rector
The Rector is congratulating Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah

The newly built Stone Temple was offered to Sri. Siddhivinayaka Swamy at Hattiangadi Udupi District

Dr. K. Puttasamaiah is being introduced to the audience
Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah is replying
Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah is being blessed by Holiness of Sharadha Pettam, Sringeri

In recognition of the efforts and contributions by Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah for the comprehensive and all round economic development the State of Karnataka, the Government on 1st November 2006 presented to him “THE SUVERNA KARNATAKA RAJYOTHSAVA AWARD”

Award being presented by the then Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Mister of Karnataka
The Hoysala Karnataka Sangha felicitated Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah on the above Rajyothsava Award

The Honorary Causa Degree of Doctor of Literature (D.Litt) was conferred on Dr. K. Puttaswamaiah at the annual Convocation of Tumkur University on November 5, 2012 at the Glass House in Raj Bhavan, Bangalore